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Bring all your anger, anxiety, bad habits, boredom, confusion, doubts, disappointment, emptiness, extra weight, fears, frustration, grief, guilt, hurt, impatience, insecurities, negativity, overwhelm, resentment, stress, tension, upset, worries, goals, plans, desires, hopes, dreams and…

Unlock your full potential to achieve the success you desire! Inner doubts and fears can hold you back from going after your biggest career or business dreams and yet, what if you could shift your thinking and “right” those limiting beliefs?

❓ Have you ever held back from setting a bold goal because a little voice inside whispered, “You’ll never make it”? 

❓ Have you aimed for something less than your heart truly desired, just to play it safe? 

❓ Have you ever set a goal that felt doable, and yet deep down, you knew you were selling yourself short?

If any of this rings true, you’re not alone. So many of us unconsciously put roadblocks in our own way, all in an attempt to avoid potential disappointment or discomfort. It’s just your mind attempting to protect you.

And yet here’s the thing – what if you could replace those self-doubting thoughts with beliefs that empower you? Imagine having the emotional resilience to view setbacks not as failures, and instead, as “feedback” and opportunities to learn (and sometimes, to learn what not to do 🙄). How far could you go if you silenced your inner critic and your confidence soared?

The path to fulfilling your greatest ambitions starts with questioning the “rules” you’ve accepted about your capabilities. Once you free yourself from those limitations, a world of possibility opens up.

right your rules for golf players

For those who want to improve their play, either while taking clients out for a round of golf, or in industry and company tournaments, this program offers the best of all worlds.

Learn the art of managing your emotions and mental game while also discovering how to apply them to your business or career goals.

This is customized content for each person and even though I do teach some fundamentals to everyone the largest portion of each session is highly individualized.

Week 1: Where Are You and Where Do You Want to Go? We Start.
Weeks 2 – 5: Everything That’s in Your Way (including changes your golf instructor suggests you need to make)
Week 6: We’ve Arrived.

 Six x 60 to 75-minute Zoom meetings (Includes recording, PDF’s, plus text me for help between sessions) $1595
(select your start date on the calendar to complete your payment)

right your rules for golf businesses

Stop what’s stopping you!

While our time together does cover ideas and strategies tailored to your specific business and goals, it does not focus on teaching you basic tasks like social media posting or marketing funnels. Rather, it is designed to assist you in overcoming any doubts or hesitations you may have about these things, allowing you to be proactive and take steps to create business growth.

If you’re in a sales in any capacity in the golf industry – as a Sales Representative, a Golf Instructor or a Business Owner – you will learn a framework that is the fastest and most effective way to growing your brand, client base or revenue, profit and income.

This program has customized content for each person and sessions are highly individualized. 

For those who are a Golf Instructor, in addition to addressing “your stuff”, some content is aimed at assisting with ‘value added’ material to share with your clients (part of a good Client Retention Strategy).

💡 Learn a brain/golf warm-up routine that will help your clients integrate what you’re teaching them with greater ease.
💡 Receive a PDF copy of a section from my original ‘mental game’ golf program. We’ll brand it with your information to use as a thank you gift or follow-up for new lesson clients (print or email).
Implement a “first lesson experience” and system which naturally leads to enrolling in additional golfing lessons.

Week 1: What is Your Vision for Your Individual Golf Business or Facility?  Choose an Area to Focus On and Change.
Weeks 2 – 5: Everything That’s in Your Way (including your money mindset)
Week 6: Plan Your Business Practice(s). Practice Your Business Plan(s). Repeat.

 Six x 60 to 75-minute Zoom meetings (Includes recording, PDF’s, plus text me for help between sessions) $1595
(select your start date on the calendar to complete your payment)

Please be sure to have booked a call and can agree to program requirements before purchase!

Git ‘Er Done at Work

Bring a custom ‘Belief Busting’ Workshop to your organization for people to learn how to use EFT with work-related challenges, to unleash creativity or to address a specific company goal.  Turn “we can’t” into “we can”.

Keep It Private

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you believe you’re not”
Denis Waitley

The only thing between you and your ideal life is what you do – and don’t – believe.  A private session digs into whatever is blocking you from having what you say you want.  Powerful and confidential. (Includes recording)

Individual sessions are for those who have attended a group ‘Belief Busting’ workshop. $275

If you haven’t participated in any other program a 3-Session Package is for you!  This gives us the time to cover some of the basics and address many (if not all) of the aspects of the topic you’d like change with.  Three sessions delivers solid results. $895 (select your start date on the calendar to complete your payment)