Any search on the Google machine will pull up a ton of research on EFT.
Here is some I'd like to share with you that is more closely related to work and business applications.

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Tap to Relieve Stress and Burnout

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have exponentially increased stress, anxiety and burnout levels for all healthcare professionals and students. The psychological effects of working with COVID-19 patients and the physical stress of working under distressing conditions exacerbate an already stressed workforce. Working long hours, shift work, short staffing, demanding workloads, dealing with death and dying and conflicts with management, other staff and disciplines and poor communication between disciplines are among the issues that can lead to burnout, anxiety and depression.

EFT Tapping Lowers the Stress Hormone Cortisol by 43%

Bond university replicated the landmark cortisol study, conducted by Dr. Dawson Church in 2012 with great success and in 2020 their findings were published by the APA (American Psychological Association). In both studies, participants stress hormone levels (cortisol levels) were measured before and after treatment via salivary assays. The original study showed reductions of 24% in salivary cortisol levels after treatment. The replication study confirmed the original outcome: 1 hour of EFT Tapping results in a significant decrease in the stress hormone cortisol of 43%. 53 participants were involved. The only change made to the original study was that treatment was offered in groups instead of individually.

Psychological Trauma Symptom Improvement in Veterans Using Emotional Freedom Techniques

In this study, EFT far outperformed the effects of standard care for PTSD, and the results were also substantially maintained at the 3- and 6-month marks. In this study, a group of veterans meeting the clinical criteria for PTSD were randomly assigned to either EFT treatment (30 in total) or standard care (29 in total). Over the course of 6 weeks, each participant in the EFT treatment group received one 60-minute EFT session per week with a practitioner. After the 6 weeks, 90% of participants who received EFT no longer met criteria for PTSD (moreover, they would no longer be diagnosed with PTSD). For the group that received standard care only 4% no longer met the criteria for PTSD, moreover, 96% of that group still were clinically diagnosable with PTSD.

While not work related research, excess weight can be the result of stress eating because of work. 

The mental, emotional and physical strain of extra body fat can also take its toll on the overall quality of life, impacting work related success further.

Read the following report to see how EFT is an extremely helpful tool for weight loss! 

It shows, via fMRI brain scans, that food cravings were reduced  for the test group vs. the control participants.

What Others Say About Tapping

Tony Robbins / Entrepreneur, Author, Life & Business Strategist

"Tapping is a breakthrough, research-backed technique that I've used in my life and seen people around the world get incredible results with."

Jack Canfield / Chicken Soup for the Soul series, America's #1 Success coach

"The good thing about the visualization & the affirmation & the tapping to get rid of negative limiting beliefs & the negative emotions & self-doubt around it, is that it allows the subconscious mind to then become creative."

Hoda Kotb / American Broadcaster, Journalist, Television Personality

"I do it with my kids every night, and sometimes when I go to sleep myself I sit on the edge of my bed for 45 seconds to a minute. Try it!"