You & Your Lesson Book this Weekend?

If you have a full calendar this weekend… ⏰📅

It’s that time of year – the good news is you’ve got 3 full days of back-to-back lessons. The “bad news” is you’ve got 3 full days of back-to-back lessons.

While it may be challenging to keep it all going in the face of people showing up late and a clubhouse packed to capacity with visitors, it doesn’t have to mean it has to be stressful.

If you find that you’re feeling that familiar tension in your chest, churning in your gut and you’re getting frustrated with juggling it all, do yourself a favor and put the story in your head on “pause”. I actually say “STOP” to myself. ✋🏼🛑

Take a breath – what you were telling yourself when you started to notice things were feeling off internally?

Negative feelings come from negative thoughts which come from negative beliefs. 💭

Were you telling yourself “I can’t keep this pace”; “It was a mistake to book so many lessons” followed by “I need to make all these lessons work today because I need the money”.

Being an observer of your thoughts takes practice and yet that’s all it takes. You don’t have to buy into the chatter.

Reframe and redirect – get your mind running in a different direction. “Man, this is tight and yet I can only do what I can do – it’ll work out just fine.”; “I do a great job teaching and if my schedule gets a little bit off, it’s not really the end of the world.”

Perspective and viewing what’s happening from a different angle will result in a different experience for yourself. And probably your clients too because then you’ll be more relaxed!

The key here is to be aware that being upset came from the story you were telling yourself about it, not the events of the day themselves. 🔑💡 📖